Thursday, July 8, 2010


My concept for the last project in photography somehow formed into a series of self portraits incorporated with nature. Sadly when uploading these images I keep losing color and they become dry, working to figure out what is going wrong. Below is my personal favorite out of the series.

In Progress Pattern

I began this project before some of the previously posted works, however this piece is a work in progress. As I began I only wished to create a repeating pattern, a larger undertaking then I had anticipated.

The first square (below), took at least 40 hours to carve and even longer to register. I do not have a photo of the bird 4-up repeating on all sides at the moment.
After completing the first set of prints I decided to expand upon this repeating pattern, ultimately choosing to make a series of 12 plates. The second one which took just as long, repeats onto its self as well and was quite easier to register when printing.
Below is the print of this concept so far. Am working on 4 more plates this summer and hoping to complete the series by next year.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


This piece was a challenge to myself to see how small and fine I can carve with linoleum. It really did improve my skills, but I am still not to the point I wish to be at yet.


After working with black and white for so long I really, really needed to play with some colors, so I thought, why not learn something new? So I did, monoprinting! This technique is quite fun, as you paint on plexiglass and then print it off as one would do with plates.
The first image is the first print I got off my plexiglass.Normally one would get a second
"ghost print" and then would begin again...I used more ink then was needed and got three.

Collaborative Piece

This was my first collaborative piece this year, with Henry , another linoleum loving student
that does pretty sweet work. We did not really have a goal, everyone kept telling us to work together,
so we did.


Towards the ending of this past year I chose to try my hand at Mezzotinting (its a pretty epic technique, were classmates call me insane for trying), completing a 6" by 4" rectangle. Sadly as it was the ending of the year I rushed through the actual illustrating phase and randomly used different tools to mark it up. Printing 4 proofs on some scrap paper and changing the second plate each time, which is the scrapes that get more intense each time.

This summer I am in the process of preparing another plate and will hopefully not epically fail when transferring my design to the plate.

Elephant Print

Expanding on my linoleum skill I spent my next term playing with my cutting skills and
created this piece.

Monday, June 21, 2010


The last assignment in the intro class was another two colored, carved away woodcut. I lost a lot of the details that were included at first and grew quite mad when trying to make my tiny cuts.


From my explanation mark I am betting you can tell I took a liking to this technique. After months of suffering through copper I found carving into these plates AMAZING! The assignment was to do a self-portrait, I will admit I went a little "emo" and made my self a little girl with ocean between her and her light. We were required to carve away and use at least two colors, leaving the plate unusable. I experimented with different colors of ink and paper, creating three different sets of prints, I actually am quite horrified by my other combinations and technique, thus I am only uploading this version.

Soft Ground

The third and last copper assignment in the intro print class was to... shade? Well I don't quite remember, but I do know that I kinda curved it to allow me to create yet another logo/art for one of my other sites (it isn't up yet).. neither is Nucheese for that matter...

Just like with Hard Ground, Soft Ground is also a acid resistant coating that is applied to a copper plate then scraped off and etched in acid. Soft Ground is suppose to create the effect of shading, sadly I not only was unable to achieve this but I also got fowl bite. The little dots all over my image.

Hard Ground

The second assignment, Hard Ground, were a acid resistant coating is applied to a copper plate then scraped off and etched in acid, was to use letters, shapes and numbers in anyway we wished. Knowing my website names I used this assignment to create a logo for none other then "Nucheese."

Dry Point

So here is my first attempt at printmaking, which took place fall term of this last year.
The assignment was to blindly draw while listening to music, forgetting what was assigned I created this odd little monster. The technique used was dry point. Where I scraped a piece of copper, as shown below.

Here is a print.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

The First Post!

Hey everyone!

Well no one at the moment, but that is o-k. This is my first blog and I am hoping that it works out nicely as a personalized front and beginning of a portfolio for my work.

Over the past year I have begun my intro Art classes and will be working my way up to the more recent stuff. With an emphasis in Printmaking that's mainly what I have to upload as of now.

Will begin the customization soonish. Hope you all enjoy?!