Thursday, July 8, 2010

In Progress Pattern

I began this project before some of the previously posted works, however this piece is a work in progress. As I began I only wished to create a repeating pattern, a larger undertaking then I had anticipated.

The first square (below), took at least 40 hours to carve and even longer to register. I do not have a photo of the bird 4-up repeating on all sides at the moment.
After completing the first set of prints I decided to expand upon this repeating pattern, ultimately choosing to make a series of 12 plates. The second one which took just as long, repeats onto its self as well and was quite easier to register when printing.
Below is the print of this concept so far. Am working on 4 more plates this summer and hoping to complete the series by next year.


  1. daymm! thats impressive. u should put up some higher rez pics so the detail shines through

    -p byrd

  2. Thanks dude. But yeah.. I do that on purpose so they arent stolen. Which I have had happen before..